DESTINATION: MOONBASE ALPHA will feature a Charity Auction. We will announce the charity (or charities) in the near future.

We will be welcoming donations of Space: 1999-related items for the Auction.

There will also be ongoing raffles happening throughout the convention weekend, and anyone with a paid membership will be eligible to win.

Paul Morrow's Guitar Auction:

Space: 1999 star Prentis Hancock has agreed to let us auction off the famous guitar which he (as Main Mission Controller Paul Morrow) played on-screen during two episodes, "Black Sun" and "Guardian of Piri". This guitar is from his own personal collection and this auction is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own this iconic screen-used item from Space: 1999 while also supporting the convention charity, The Alzheimer's Foundation. (This auction had been planned for the 2021 virtual con but has been moved to the in-person event in 2022.)

Prentis guitar

Please note: the potential winning bidder will be responsible for arranging any shipping and insurance requirements, and a reserve price will be in place at Prentis' request.

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