"Launch all Eagles!"

DESTINATION: MOONBASE ALPHA is now TWO events! The first was a virtual con experience that took place on Sunday, September 12, 2021 with 23 guests from around the world, and was a huge success, raising approximately £1750 for our charity, the Alzheimer's Foundation.

The second is a physical con event that will take place in
London, England in September 2022! Both conventions will celebrate the sci-fi cult classic series SPACE: 1999.

The 2022 London con events will include a casual meet-and-greet evening gathering on the first day, full convention programming over the weekend, and a group excursion to Black Park in Buckinghamshire to visit filming locations prominent in SPACE: 1999 and UFO.


24 September 2021 - the Virtual Con was a huge success, raising approximately £1750 for charity!
6 September 2021 - Virtual Con schedule added!
6 September 2021 - Virtual Con final guest list updated!
5 September 2021 - The auction of Prentis Hancock's guitar has been moved from the virtual 2021 event to the in-person 2022 event.
25 August 2021 - Virtual Con guest list updated with multiple confirmed guests including Christopher Penfold, Gianni Garko, Orso Maria Guerrini, Carla Romanelli, Julian Glover, Isla Blair, Susan Jameson, and Jamie Anderson!
8 August 2021 - Virtual Con guest list updated with multiple confirmed guests including Barbara Bain, Nick Tate, Prentis Hancock, Anton Phillips, and more!
8 August 2021 - Virtual Con Auction information updated with the coming auction of Prentis Hancock's guitar as used on-screen in "Black Sun" and "Guardian of Piri"!
1 July 2021 - Banner added for the 2021 Virtual Con.
14 April 2021 - Charitable Donations Committee added to the Con Committee page.
18 October 2020 - Hotel page updated with new post-renovation image and rebranding as the Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London Heathrow.
5 October 2020 - D:MBA is now TWO EVENTS! The main convention has been pushed back to September 2022 (exact dates TBA), with a new event scheduled for September 12, 2021: the world's FIRST SPACE: 1999 virtual convention!
5 October 2020 - New guest announcements for the 2022 London con: Actors Gianni Garko and Susan Jameson (both from the fan-favourite episode "Dragon's Domain")!
31 May 2020 - Supporting Memberships are now available. Details on the "Membership" page.
25 May 2020 - EARLY BIRD PRIZE RAFFLE! Everyone who has purchased a membership by September 13, 2020 will be entered into the draw! We're putting the prizes together now and will announce the prize packages soon!
2 May 2020 - Membership and Banquet info is now online!
2 May 2020 - Actor Nick Tate (Captain Alan Carter) and special effects designer and director Brian Johnson are now confirmed guests!
25 March 2020 - Hotel info is now online!
25 March 2020 - Actor John Hug (Eagle Pilot Bill Fraser) is now a confirmed guest!

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